* L'incarcération signifie l'état de détention en prison ou en prison.

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Below we've listed the jail and prison statistics by race in the United States. As you can see, currently the top two races incarcerated are"Black or African American" at 897,875 and "White alone" with 885,956. 


Countries with the highest jail and prison population in 2020 so far is the USA at over 2 million people, followed by China at 1.5 million people, Russia at 874k and Brazil at 370k.

This graph shows the highest prison rates in comparison to jail occupancy percentage. This sheds light on the mass incarceration, especially in the United States, which leads with the highest rate of prisoners at 737 per 100,000 with a jail occupancy level of 107.6%. Kenya leads the jail occupancy level with 284.3%. 


The overcrowding of prisons is a big concern, as not only does it put a major strain on state budgets, it dramatically increases health risks including the current Corona virus pandemic

We've listed the top 32 states with the highest level of incarceration per 100,000. The top 5 states are: Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and Alabama. 

States not listed have a less prison/jail population than Illinois. If you're on mobile, click on the graph to view all 32 states. 

This chart explains the Jail/prison incarceration by race.


Black men are listed at 2,336 and Hispanic Men at 1,054, while White Women are less likely to be incarcerated at 49. 

Here's the side by side comparison of Drug Offense incarcerations in Jails, State Prisons, and Federal Prisons from 1980 compared to 2017. 

Things to think about: The War on Drugs movement began in the 1971 with President Nixon and is currently still going on today. 

This graph explains the offense break-down from Federal Prisoners.


As you can see, drug offenses accounts for almost half the offenses at 45.5%, making it by far the top offense in Federal Prison.


Weapons, Explosives, Arson are all listed under one category and made second place with 19.4% of Federal Offenses. Sex Offenses make up the 3 highest offense at 10.4%.

Cyber Crime are crimes committed by various forms of technology, typically through the internet.


Top 5 cybercrimes are : Phishing scams, online harassment, identity theft scams, cyber-stalking, and invasion of privacy. 

This graph shows data breaches from 2016 -2019 by the top industries.


Data breaches are confirmed incidents where confidential, sensitive, or even protected data has been hacked.


Top data breaches during these times have been:

  1. Adult Friend Finder on Oct 2016 impacting 412 million accounts

  2. Canva (graphic design tool) on May 2019 impacting 137 million user accounts. 

  3. Equifax on July 2017 impacting 147 million consumers.  ​

The two charts below focus on Hispanics in the the federal system. As you can see Hispanics make up 32% of the federal inmate population.


USA is the top citizenship of inmates in federal prison, while Mexico is listed second. 



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